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Application Form

Name of Pupil ( initials to be given at the end)
Standard to which the admission is sought (in Words)
Name of parent or guardian and his relationship to the pupil
Occupation and address of parent or guardian
Name, address and occupation of local guardian in the case pupil does not live with his responsible guardian
Schools previously attended
Date of birth( in words and figures)

Certificates Produced ( Check all that apply )
Age on date of application (in words) No. of years and completed months should be given
Nationality and State to which the pupil belongs
Does the candidate belong to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or other backward communities or is he/she a convert from Scheduled Castes or Scheduled tribes
Mother tongue of the pupil
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Thannipuzha, Okkal - 683 550
Ernakulam, Kerala

9495365574, 7510278721

Office Hours

8.45 to 4.00pm

Lunch break : 1.30pmto 2.30 pm

School Timings

LKG : 9.30 am-3.00pm

UKG : 9.30 am-3.00pm

STD 1 to 10 : 9.10 am-3.30 pm