ICSE School in Kochi

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Okkal, Kalady

09:00am - 04:00pm

Monday to Friday



The school library has a very good collection of books. It contains rare, costly, and very latest books on almost all topics. Besides, it provides a variety of magazines, periodicals, journals, newsletters, and different editions of Encyclopedias. All students from Classes V – X are allowed to borrow books from the library; one book at a time and shall return it within 14 days of issuing it. Users are not permitted to sub-let books issued to them. Periodicals, publications, dictionaries, guides, and other costly reference books are not permitted to be lent out. Every user is responsible for the safekeeping of the books lent out to him/her. In the event of loss of a book, a new and exact edition of the lost book or trice its amount shall be accepted and in case of a multi-volume book, the whole set shall be replaced or pay the cost of the entire volume. The pupils of Classes I – IV also can avail of the facilities provided through the library. They are expected to utilize their leisure periods and the library periods in the library, reading books fitting to their understanding level.


Smart Boards have brought drastic transformations in making the twenty first century classrooms equipped with powerful and exciting audio-visual facilities in understanding and learning the concepts prescribed in the syllabi. Digital Classrooms provide children digitally rich experiences which help children learn even difficult concepts effortlessly and retain them permanently. This is not an alternative to teacher but complimentary and makes the teacher more effective and better assisted. Of course, the black boards and chalk pieces are substituted with smart boards and stylus.


Labs are all well equipped, neatly furnished, scientifically designed and systematically arranged to facilitate very effective practical classes. Practical classes are compulsory for those subjects for which marks are awarded separately for practical. The pupils are expected to maintain the code of conduct and decorum of the lab while they are in the labs. No separate practical classes will be held for those who miss the practical due to one or other reason. The school has separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Computer Science and Art & Craft.


The parent-teacher meeting is arranged after every Mid Term and Term Examinations. On the scheduled day parents will be informed the date and time for the meeting. Parents will meet the Class teacher in their respective classes to assess the performance of their child and the progress report will be signed by the parents. On other occasions parents may be allowed to meet the teachers only with the prior permission of the principal.


An efficient transportation system operates to take the students to and from the school punctually and comfortably. Buses ply 15 different routes making Anita Public School accessible to students from the suburbs and rural.


At the end of every academic year, prizes and certificates will be awarded to students who secure A+ for all subjects in each division. Special prizes and certificates are awarded annually to those who distinguish themselves in games, sports, and co-curricular activities. The School PTA has constituted a special award to the meritorious students of every standard. Also Gold Medals are awarded to the top ten scorers of Standard X in every academic year.


Study tours are extended arms of field trips that involve out-bound trips for more than a night.During the course of these tours a student can also learn skills or get acquainted to new cituations.Long tours are arranged for high school students. One day of outing is generally arranged for the primary and the middle school.


Character formation is one of the chief aims of education. Therefore to instil in young minds values of life and morals, value education is given due importance. To impart the values and to teach essentials of moral code of conduct, which are acceptable to people of all faith, value education is made obligatory for all students from classes I – X, and efforts are made continually to develop and foster values in life.